Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Happy realizations 2017

Un till 2017: I am risk averse. Or maybe that’s not the right word. I always get what I want. But I don’t push my boundaries imagining what I want. When I dream big, I usually come across a way to own it.
From 2018: Dream ridiculously big

Un till 2017: Driving stresses me out especially when I am off to a place I haven't before.  Driving and listening to the maps, scares me out. Insane!!!
From 2018: I am going to drive everywhere.

Un till 2017: Continuing from the first point, I have never invested not because I don’t have money. Because I feel clueless about investing.
From 2018: Anyone needs any tips about investing?

Un till 2017: I have always been a person who can let go. In fact, I hardly ever have to let go. There are hardly any things that can bother me, albeit there are a few pet peeves.
From 2018: I continue my awesome streak and smash the blockers.

Un till 2017: Always a popular person, because I am just so freakin amazing and a really nice person.
From 2018: Who changes that anyway? You cant beat the best.

Un till 2017: Criticism, negative people : one of those pet peeves. I cant handle it.
From 2018: What people?

Un till 2017: Unabashedly disorganized. Its like a trait that’s part of my personality
From 2018: If I was organized, I'd be dangerous. Beware!!!

Un till 2017: At peace
From 2018: At peace

Monday, December 14, 2015

Cheers to 2015!!!

Welcome 2016 :) 

One helluva year with materialistic stuff and monies!!! Abundance at its very best, cheers to more. It was a fantabulous year in every sense.
My first ever travel. I loved New Zealand. It was beautiful. The road trip was exceptional. It put to rest my confusion if I would like to spend money on travel or not. Why wouldn’t I? Tasmania already booked.
I started running. It was another dream come true. I had only ever imagined myself running. I did it with all my heart. I loved it. I know I will keep doing it.
I can finally drive!!! Yes, basic necessities of life. And I am thrilled.  Mini cooper anyone?
Best hair days ever!!! The keratin, the new haircut. Spot on. (yes these things make me happy and it makes a year worthwhile)
I found the perfect clothes for all occasions. It started last December with my shiny pair of shoes. 
From aimless to an aim, that was again a first. Yes. I have a professional goal that makes me jump and I cannot stop thinking about it. Can’t wait for that December when I write a post where this goal is fulfilled. Raji Pillay, head of technology (dream big)
The perfect home!!! Everything sans the walk in pantry. The house has got it all and at what price!!! Absolute abundance that one.
Abundance was at its best with all the love in my favour. It’s overwhelming. It’s amazing. It beats everything else. I got to make some amazing relations this year.
To state the obvious, it just keeps getting better and better with the husband. 7 years I would have thought otherwise.
One of my most passionate year ever ;)
I have never been stretched this much emotionally. But one thing that stands out, positivity wins. Hands down baby! And I rock that thing like a pro.
Best LOA year ever. Ask believe receive. I wing it.
Enough boo-boos to laugh about!!! Like really, I am 32 I should be behaving like 1. I guess.
Cheers to all the drunken nights, dance parties, and all the fun with friends.
More than enough solid compliments to last a life time!!! Some of them have been instrumental in a lot of reinstated faith. 
Hurrayto this year gone by and I can only imagine all the fun and abundance 2016 is bringing. It just keeps getting better and better!!!
A new year is on the way and the possibilities are endless - dont know who said that

Monday, November 30, 2015

Compliments and Criticism

I, like everybody else, have had my share of compliments and criticisms. With the compliments side weighing more.  This is not about looks.

Maybe I live in delusion, but growing up I recall basking in glory and I don’t have any memory of criticism. Its either true or my memory has chosen to not dwell on it. 
I have this realization, as a mother, I appreciate my daughter for her small acts. I don’t put her down for any of the stuff I deem as wrong, but try to explain why she should not be doing it (at times I lose my patience too)
As adults we don’t appreciate each other enough for the people that we have grown up to be and for the people we might be growing up to be. But we are quick to find a fault, and most often we choose not to tell the person and maybe bitch about it.
Criticisms are not easy to give. And also there is the “perspective” factor. So what I deem as wrong maybe right for the other person.  I have received my share of criticisms, some straight on my face and some not so obvious. Have I always been receptive? No. Have I been defensive? Yes. But eventually I have been able to filter out some stuff and see that maybe a certain part of me needs some maintenance work.

But why not compliments?

Everyone likes one. We don’t appreciate our partners or our close people enough. The most compliments are about looks. But what about the characteristics we appreciate in others?  Who wouldn’t like to hear it? Maybe we have become too cynical and don’t see the good in others or we are too insecure to point it out. Or maybe we just don’t see the need to point out the obvious.

I have recently had my fair share of compliments, and I can say it makes a difference in how I feel about myself. Not that I was under any stress and needed uplift, but that simple act added so much energy to me. It adds a spring to my step and overall it lifts my spirits up. It’s a motivator.

One of the reasons, why best friends stick together, they always point out the obvious good things. Neha Pallavi do that to me and I am eternally grateful for the positive energy they keep pushing into my life.

I do compliment people around me. But I am going to ensure when I spot something that I like, I voice it. It might make a small difference to the other person.

 “I can live for two months on a good compliment” Mark Twain

Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Dream Home

Dec 2014 I set out on my way to find my dream home.  Living in a new city brought with it its own confusions. Which suburb? What kind of house? We went from one extreme to another on the budget front as well.  We were a sight.
One fine afternoon, me and Nishit hired a car and went out checking out suburbs. Was that going to give us any solid evidence of how really the suburb was? No. On an instinct we hired a car and we just drove.
But I still remember the moment I drove into Caroline Springs, I fell in love.
We still haggled with a lot of suburb coices based on logic, but just could not feel the same again for any place. With not-so-technically-ideal amount of money in hand; we went about inspecting homes.
11/11/2015 - my permanent address changed to: 9 Wyperfeld Circuit, Caroline Springs
  We stopped our house hunting in April 2014, and then in Oct 2015 I had a whim to go out for a day of inspection. The last house we saw that Saturday, nothing like I would have imagined but that house possessed me. I kept going back every Saturday. That house is all I wanted since I saw it. The house still baffles me; I have rejected houses for the silliest of reasons and with this one I was ready to go for a house even with pink tiles!!!
Today I own it.  It is overwhelming. It still feels like a dream. I still am wrapping my head around the fact that this huge home, with the exact location where we wanted and the size of land we were lusting after, is my own home. My own: grateful for it.
Dreams do come true.
P.S : I changed the pink tiles

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

I am turning 32 tomorrow. It’s my birthday. After 32 years, one would assume you get over the birthday fever. Alas, not me.  The other awesome thing about my birthday is, it is the last day of the month and I practically get to celebrate the whole birthday month.
I have been like that from times I can remember.

So like we welcome New Year, it’s time to say good-bye to my 32nd year and embrace stepping into 33rd year of my life.

What a year it has been!!! The awesome 32 things from the 32nd year of my life.

  1. Best hair days
  2. An awesome year at work, making new friends
  3. I have been  my stylish best this past year
  4. Participated in my first 5k. Been running regularly for the last month and hope to keep it up
  5. Read crazy amount of books
  6. Best LOA year so far
  7. Picked a liking for hula-hooping
  8. Major vibrational shift from doubting and confusion to being happy in my own place
  9. Started my own LOA blog
  10. Kept up my writing on this one
  11. Started listening to music which I never have
  12. Had some amazing conversations
  13. My first international vacation – new Zealand north island road trip
  14. Professionally learnt heaps of new stuff
  15. Made a rocker amount of money
  16. I got over some things I needed to; finally!!!
  17. Went dancing once (going again for my birthday)...loved it
  18. Started wearing lipstick
  19. Have never gone out of the house without liner
  20. Tried my hand at jewellery. It’s not for me.
  21. Wrote short story for Kiyara which she refused to read
  22. Understood my bandwidth for relations
  23. Spotted those few annoying habits that I have
  24. Aimed to keep my bedroom well made. Managed to do it for most of the time.
  25. Learnt driving
  26. Started reading out loud to Kiyara every night and she loves it
  27. Had the best relation with Nishit : emotionally and physically
  28. We both tried out travel and loved it and have already booked tickets for our next Tasmania trip
  29. Realized where my mum comes from and her emotions
  30. Rocked the heels like nobody’s business
  31. Have found my motivation. Which is me being in my zone.
  32. Something’s cannot go on the blog ;)
 Yay to the year that went by; Cheers to the next year of rock and roll.

Today is oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again .

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Well, I finished my first 5k run. I feel thrilled. Yes I do. 

More than the running, I am kicked about my new found will to get up and go and run or do a workout. It’s been 4 weeks for me now and it’s the longest I have stuck to waking up and moving my body. Of course, the moving body comes with benefits. My take away from this is the change. I am not clear what caused it or what motivated it. Standing where I am I believe I am in for the long haul.
Always been the kind of person, who decides to do something about fitness (like 3/4th of the world) and never does anything about it. I am not saying we should do something it. I am saying I wanted to and never did. 

I used to decide to run then never wake up. I used to keep debating about the form of exercise I should be doing. I have done everything from Yoga to run to fitness videos, every once in a blue moon and given up. Given up, being the key here.

This time I did not, I registered for a 5k, trained for it and ran it. Yes. I did it. It could have been anything from keeping the house clean to fitness to anything, the key here being I did it.
That is what I am proud of. 

I did yoga and strength and run based on what I felt like. I didn’t do it 5 days a week. I rested after a long run and promptly woke up a day after. That in itself is an achievement for me.
This has given me a high. 

So I had this theory, as a kid I was always on a high being the kid who scores in class. The exams were goals and the marks an achievement. After the end of exams I have not really come close to an achievement like this. Yes, I made it to a good company, a rocking husband and a kid and a house and the works.  And I am extremely grateful about my life.

This presented a personal goal for me like my exams and I cleared it. I feel like an achiever.
That’s me. That’s how silly I probably can be. But that’s me. 

Running is like an aid in my spiritual journey. Yes, however corny it sounds, it is like meditation to me. It helps me connect with myself.  My posts and how I feel and how I am being is a clear indication of what this run has done for me.

Maybe it is all inter connected. Either ways this is all working out to be a perfect outcome.

I have signed up for my first 10k.
Yay for that!!!

Running teaches me that I am capable of so much more than I imagined.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Melbourne for me

It was exactly how it happened for Amber in Salaam Namaste “Wo Melbourne aai aur use Melbourne se pyaar hogaya”.

I came I saw and it conquered me. I love this city. I love how I feel in this city. 

It’s a gorgeous city with the Victorian facades framing the buildings, adorned with gardens and parks after every street probably second only to the cafes which are by the dozen on every street.
Silly as it may sound; not having to worry about the coverage of my body based on where I am going is a huge relief in itself. I probably have an old life connection with the city. That’s how one I feel with it in only two years that I have spent here.

It’s beautifully multicultural with people from all over the world walking the streets. Even with the obvious differences of how everyone from a different origin looks, it is still such a polite and well-mannered city. “How aa ya” is the norm here. No conversation ever begins without it.  If you cross a stranger on the road, more often than not they smile.

The city has the quintessential buzz without making me feel lost. The suburbs have this quite, eerire Kerala village feel to it at night. That doesn’t make me feel scared.

It’s a city without being a city. Its streets are filled with the warmest of strangers. The coffee culture here is absolutely amusing. The guys so cute ;) The running and cycling crowd on all streets has finally motivated me to run too and buy cool running gear as well. 

I am biased, but I feel awesome here. Its brimming with positivity all over.

I feel free; I have a sense of freedom here. I feel extremely positive and fresh here.  From the buzzing cities to the quiet suburbs, I can’t seem to find a fault. Yes, I don’t have the enormous family and friends I have back home. I miss them. But I would miss them no matter where I am. But, at least I love the place that I am in now.
What to do, I love it.

Keep calm and love Melbourne.